4 European Solar Panel Manufacturers Predicted To Shut Down

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Last week we talked about the rise of planet-friendly jobs and how positive this is for us all. This week I want to talk about the surprising challenges Europe’s solar panel manufacturers are facing and how important it is that we support them.

This story is very close to our message, as we want as many people as possible to use alternative methods for creating and conserving energy, like using solar panels. So, supporting Europe’s manufacturers is important, as well as supporting those from China, the US and elsewhere.

Emergency Measures For European Solar Power

Brussels is considering “emergency support measures” for the European solar panel manufacturers as the market has become dominated by products from manufacturers in China. It is important to support local manufacturers, as well as others. It seems that products from manufacturers in China appeal to customers that are on a smaller budget, such as individuals, and manufacturers in Europe aim for corporations and organisations with a larger budget.

There have been more goals set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (from the EU), but this requires alternative ways to produce renewable power. Four European factories for solar panels and renewable energy products have shut or announced plans to do so in the last few weeks. The timing of these incidents means that it is not looking positive for the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to be achieved.

It has been said that due to the ability of manufacturers in China to produce at scale, there is a global overcapacity and European manufacturers cannot sell their products without making huge losses. The bulk of Europe’s solar panel manufacturing could be shut within three months, according to the European Solar Manufacturing Council as quoted by the FT. There appears to be a choice of bankruptcy or moving to the US for Europe’s manufacturers. This is obviously a huge loss for the globe as we need solar panels and we should be supporting local organisations where possible.
Promoting the use of solar panels has always been important: for managing and reducing energy consumption and creation as well as using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. Now there is another reason for acquiring solar panels, our local suppliers could soon be out of business.

Supporting Local Causes

There are many fantastic companies that supply solar panels that really want to make a difference. It would be a huge loss if local companies and organisations cannot stay afloat. There is no wrongdoing for buying from either. The main goal is using solar panels! But the support for local businesses (solar panels and anything else) is very important.

Positivity is very important in making a difference. Change cannot be made unless you believe that it is possible to begin with. So, with setbacks, world events or ongoing incidents like this, that may look negative, it is always important to try and look for the positive and how to make positive change.

Of course, having solar panels is extremely good for living life under 2 kWh. They make it much simpler to see how much energy you have consumed as well as helping to create it from the sun. This way you can start to cut out fossil fuels, which is a benefit for everyone. The take from this story is to buy local where you can, for everything.

I hope everyone has a lovely week, and I will see you next week for another Amy’s Hot Topic.

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List of European solar panel manufacturers:
RECOM technologies – France.
SolarWorld – Germany.
REC Group – Norway.
Sonnenkraft – Austria.
Photowatt – France.
Victron Energy – Netherlands.
View the full list of members of the: European Solar Manufacturing Council.


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