Hello everyone!

This week is a little different as it is my last ‘Amy’s Hot Topic’ – so sad! I would like to take this opportunity to recap what ‘Hot Topics’ we have approached and to hand over to my successor, Mark.

My previous blogs:

  • Tackle the high insurance process by living under 2 kWh.
  • Carry on renewable energy surge by living under 2 kWh.
  • How can education help with living under 2 kWh?
  • Planet-friendly jobs help you to live under 2 kWh.
  • 4 European solar panel manufacturers are predicted to shut down.
  • Data centres’ electricity consumption to double by 2026.
  • Are floating solar panels the way forward for renewable energy?
  • How is the UK preparing to switch to greener electricity?
  • The benefits of being resilient for the planet.
  • What will be your electric vehicle of choice for the future?
  • Surprising ways shipping companies are inspiring us to live greener.
  • What local support is there for a greener planet?
  • Will solar panels in space save the planet?
  • Are energy islands the solution for net zero?
  • Let’s debunk the heat pump negativity.
  • The severity of heatwaves just keeps increasing.
  • Is San Francisco setting the gold standard for carbon emission reduction?

A nice collection of inspiration has been compiled over my time writing ‘Amy’s Hot Topics’. If you haven’t read them all, then definitely do! I wonder which is your favourite? Solar panels in space are pretty cool to me, but planet-friendly jobs are a true inspiration for us all.

I hope that these blogs have helped you in even a small way, whether it’s made you realise how much energy we use daily or that every tiny step to heal the planet helps.

We are all on this journey together.

I hope everyone had a lovely week, and I’ll be handing over to Mark to continue ‘Amy’s Hot Topics’.

Bye! #2kWh #undertwok

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Is San Francisco Setting the Gold Standard for Carbon Emission Reduction?

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