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About Undertwok

We sell portable power stations and solar panels to help people live their lives under 2 kWh per day. Living undertwok means each person consumes no more than 2 kWh of electricity per day, which is a sustainable amount that can easily be generated with the SolarSaga solar panel and Explorer 2000 Plus portable power station.

Our community are committed to sharing their knowledge and helping others on their journey towards a more sustainable future.


When would you use portable solar power?

Jackery portable power solutions are suitable for everyday household electricity. Power up your home, whether its a traditional house, a remote cabin, van or a houseboat. Living sustainably doesn’t have to mean off-grid.

Everyday Household Energy

Imagine effortlessly harnessing a clean, renewable energy source to energise your household essentials. Whether it’s brewing your morning coffee, keeping your devices charged, or lighting up your evenings, the Jackery Solar Generator ensures your daily electricity needs are met with whisper-quiet operation and zero emissions.

And for when you need a little extra, top up and back up energy reserves with an additional Jackery Battery Pack. Step into a sustainable lifestyle, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy the reliability and efficiency of solar power, all within the comfort of your home!

Reading, UK

Van Life

Power life on the road by living under 2 kWh per day with your Jackery Solar Generator. You’ll have plenty of energy to keep all your van-life luxuries going, while making sure the essentials are covered too. The SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels easily fold away to be stored in small spaces while not in use, and the Generator and Battery Pack operate whisper-quiet for the most peaceful environment.

Maidenhead, UK

Alternative Abodes

From boats to yurts to tiny homes, whatever your lifestyle looks like, living life under 2 kWh doesn’t need to be complicated. When on-grid power isn’t an option, generating your own solar energy is a practical, sustainable solution. All our Jackery Portable Energy solutions are easy to transport and fit comfortably in small storage spaces. Generating your own daily electricity for your alternative abode is effortless with Jackery portable power.

Alternative Abodes

Camping & Getaways

Take your Jackery Solar Generator away with you, wherever the adventure leads. Power up camping trips with all the energy you need to light up the night and charge essential devices while you’re out in the wild. Jackery portable power solutions are weather-resistant and easy to move around, so you’ll never be caught out in the wilderness when you have your Solar Generator by your side.

Lepe Beach, Southampton

Emergency Home Backup

Choose sustainable solar energy for your emergency home backup, safe in the knowledge that your power will be ready when you need it. Did you know that with ultra-long standby, the 2000 Plus Portable Power Station can hold 50% charge for up to 2 years? So whether you are looking for cover in an emergency, or simply want to top up your daily household energy with self-generated solar power, we can help you find the right solution for your lifestyle.

A darkened living room lit by flames from a fireplace and candles with a Jackery 2000 Plus Portable Power Station in foreground

Planet Friendly,
Practical, Portable
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Products we believe in

Jackery create industry leading solar generators. Our team of bright sparks love and know Jackery portable power stations, solar panels and batteries inside out, and are equipped with the knowledge to help you find out what living under 2 kWh per day could look like for you. We’ll work with you to find the best portable power solutions for your lifestyle, to help you generate and manage your own power.

The Solar Generator 2000 Plus takes just 2 hours for a full solar charge (with 6 SolarSaga 200W solar panels). Power source becomes fully independent, charging with solar energy instead of the power grid.

Power Solutions

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