Let The Camera Roll

A Jackery battery has become an essential backup when camera batteries are low.

Film makers, Content creators, Videographers, Cinematographers, Lighting technicians (Gaffers & Sparks), Production teams, Photographers are all expanding their portability and working remotely for hours on set using Jackery to power their creative productions.

Re-Charge Between Shoots & On Set

Power When Working In Remote Locations

Free Electricity / Carbon-Free / Sustainable

Noise Free Power – Eliminate Noisy Fuel Generators

Portable Solar Power & Batteries For Film Makers & Creators

Uninterrupted Shooting

Arrgh, there is no power source on this set. This is where portable solar generators prove to be invaluable. A Jackery enables you to power your cameras, lights, and other equipment no matter where your filming adventures take you.

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Equipment Compatibility

Filmmakers rely on varying equipment, including cameras, drones, lighting and audio devices, to achieve professional-grade results. These devices have different power requirements. Portable power stations have multiple AC outlets and USB ports eliminating the hassle of carrying extra batteries, streamlining the process, and maximising productivity.

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No Noise

One advantage of portable power stations is that they operate silently and produce zero emissions. When shooting in noise-controlled or enclosed spaces, it is beneficial to ensure that audio recording remains undisturbed and the crew can work comfortably without environmental concerns.

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Reduce Stress

Worrying about power consumption, energy use, power supply failure, batteries running out can stress you out to the point where it affects your performance on set. Bring a Jackery battery as a fail-safe backup for all your devices so youre 100% confident they’ll work for the duration of your production.

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Leave No Trace

Shoot the next Marvel film, capture someone’s special day, keep the lighting department happy using your Jackery Solar Generator, happy in the knowledge that you could, on a good day, generate all the energy you need for your production, free of charge and without burning any fossil fuels or leaving any carbon footprint.

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Sometimes batteries can drain faster than expected on set, knowing that I have something like this in my kit fills me with confidence to carry out the job to the best of my ability. With Jackery there are no limitations to my energy needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually one or two battery charging packs, cameras, lights, audio recorders and other devices which run off standard 3-pin mains electricity in addition to a couple of devices which use the USB-A & USB-C ports.

No, but how cool would a Jackery look strapped to the top of the Millenium Falcon!