Powering The Music

A Jackery battery has become a go-to piece of kit for today’s musician.

Buskers, home-recorders, music tutors, stage performers, DJ’s, #Tinydesk, all see great benefits in being able to generate their own clean energy and use it to power their performances.

Power when Busking & Performing Outdoors

Drastically Extend your Playing Time

Create Entire EP with Zero Carbon Footprint

Run your Studio Entirely with Solar Power

Free Electricity

Portable Solar Power & Batteries For Musicians

Avoid the 2-Hour Diminuendo

Arrrgh – my phone, iPad and amp only last two hours before the power dwindles and runs out. But our Jackery batteries range from 0.25 kWh to 2 kWh – enough energy to support 50 Watts of power for over 8 hours.

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Play Above Pianissimo

You deliberately keep the volume down, playing pianissimo when you’d rather be mezzo forte because you’re gonna run down your batteries. With a Jackery backup portable power you can blast till you drop.

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Eliminate Multiple Chargers

Three performers, three mobile phones, three iPads, one card payments machine and two pedals – and each one with its own battery? No! Use one badass Jackery to power the whole lot – convenient, compact and oooooh so cool.

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Reduce Stress

Worrying about your power consumption, energy usage, power supply failures, batteries running out can stress you out to the point where you forget your notes. Bring a Jackery battery as a fail-safe backup for all your devices so you’re 100% confident they’ll work for the duration of your gig.

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Leave No Trace

Learn, rehearse, record or perform using your Jackery battery and solar panel happy in the knowledge that you could, on a good day, generate all the energy you use for your music from the sun, free of charge and without burning any fossil fuels or leaving any carbon footprint.

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station on roof of car outside

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Getting started with portable solar can be a journey – we’re super happy to make that journey with you. Bring your guitar/violin/keyboards/amp and drop in to our studio in Reading any time for a practical demo/tutorial or talk with us online.

The most important feature for me is that it’s technically free, so whenever I am doing any kind of performances, I don’t have to plug in to any kind of electricity off the grid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually one or two instruments or amps which run off standard 3-pin mains electricity in addition to a couple of devices which use classic USB ports and a couple of devices which use the USB-C ports typically used for mobile phones, iPads and laptops.

No. We know this because records reveal he worked late at night with candles and a piano which required no electricity at all – but which were not very good for the environment. If Beethoven were composing today, he would quite probably spend some time outdoors in a lonely field with his Yamaha electric keyboard and Bose headphones powered by his Jackery Explorer 1000.