Power Your Entire Day

The portable battery and portable solar panel gives you free power wherever you choose to wake up.

If you sleep under the stars, in a tin can, in a tiny tiny house, in a shed or wooden box or cupboard, boat, van, bus, tent, cabin or very large rabbit hole, you will sleep better and wake refreshed with a battery by your side, stuffed full of free, clean, renewable energy from the sun above.

Free Energy Wherever You Live Today

Power All Your (Frugal) Daily Energy Requirements

Clean & Renewable Energy For A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Portable Solar Power & Batteries For Van Dwellers, Campers & Glampers.

Live Better

You want to live a good life, smaller, more modest, more frugal and perhaps more independent and more free. The portable battery and its portable solar panels should become part of your family of tools for a good sustainable life, giving you the power you need from the nature around us.

Maidenhead, UK

Use Devices

With our portable batteries, you can use almost any device in your tiny home: from a small fridge, vacuum cleaner, fan or heater, air fryer, barbeque or hot plate, to your electric blanket, TV screens, projectors, electric keyboards, guitars and partybox speakers. With our portable solar panels, wherever you are and whenever it’s light outside, you can suck in free, clean, renewable energy to power your days and nights.

Maidenhead, UK

Share Energy

Our portable batteries are extendable so you can add extra battery power if you need. And you can plug in not just one, but up to six separate solar panels. It’s all massively extendable so you can easily kit yourself up with what you may need to tide you over for a few days without sun, or to power multiple batteries which you can share with family, friends and neighbours.

Maidenhead, UK

Feeling Too Hot Or Too Cold

It’s quite feasible to run low-level air coolers and heaters from a good portable battery and solar panel combination so you could actually use electricity instead of wood burners to heat. There are some amazing cooling fans and small air conditioners too which can be powered from portable batteries.

Maidenhead, UK

Use Nature’s Energy

With a good portable battery and portable solar pane, the sun’s energy – readily available, free, clean, sustainable and renewable – is the obvious way to power everything we need in our tiny homes. There’s every reason to make solar a massive part of your energy mix – reducing gas, oil, diesel, petrol, wood and coal as much as possible.

Maidenhead, UK

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Portable solar panels and portable batteries can play many roles in your tiny home. Talk to us how to calculate your energy needs and how to select the battery and solar panel combo that’s before for your space and your desires.

The battery and portable solar panel is as vital a part of my home as my bed space and water. It’s become part of our lifestyle, and it helps us to live the life we want – independent and conscious of the environment.

Ash Robson

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Frequently Asked Questions

Truthfully, these are the most demanding tasks of your battery as they consume the most power. But definitely, a well configured system with well managed (and quite low cost) devices can really sustain the general cooking and heat needs of tiny house residents. You can even have coffees when you want!

Well, here’s where we have to draw the line. A hot tub would start by using well over 3 kWh of power, and probably around 6 kWh. While you CAN configure your battery with up to 12 kWh, the hot tub is probably the most power-hungry, energy-draining thing you are likely to run in your tinyhome and we (honestly) suggest that you seek an alternative power source or make do with a snuggly blanket and a cup of hot chocolate.