No Mains? No Problem

Jackery Batteries Have Become A Vital Part Of The Tradesperson’s Toolbox

Carpenters, plumbers, general builders, DIY enthusiasts are extending their toolboxes to include a portable battery and solar panel from Jackery to power their working day.

Power your Tools, Lights, Speaker and Phone

Charge and Recharge while you Drive

Free Electricity / Carbon-Free / Sustainable

Ease of Use / Portability

Recharge When On-Site

Portable Solar Power & Batteries For Trades

No Mains Access, No Problem

Arrrgh, This job has no mains access, it’s remote and requires me to work up a 20ft ladder.

You require portable power whenever, and wherever, you need it and most importantly you can get the kettle on. Our Jackery batteries range from 0.25 kWh to 2 kWh – enough energy to support 50 Watts of power for over 8 hours. That’s a full day’s work.

Wokingham Road, Reading

Avoid Depleted Drill Batteries

You have, once again, forgotten to charge the cordless drill batteries overnight. The Jackery can charge your batteries whilst you travel to, and move between jobs.

Wokingham Road, Reading

Others Are Slowing You Down

There’s no power run in but you need to check the fire or alarm system you’ve just installed. Don’t wait around for other tradies, the Jackery can help you test your system so you can finish your job and be home in time for tea.

Wokingham Road, Reading

Reduce Stress

Worrying about your power consumption, energy usage, power supply failures, batteries running out can stress you out to the point where you forget the job specs. Bring a Jackery battery as a fail-safe backup for all your devices so you’re 100% confident they’ll work for the duration of your project.

Wokingham Road, Reading

Leave No Trace

Tile a bathroom, buff a car, build a house using your Jackery battery and solar panel, happy in the knowledge that you could, on a good day, generate all the energy you use for your project from the sun, free of charge and without burning any fossil fuels or leaving any carbon footprint.

Wokingham Road, Reading

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Getting started with portable solar can be a journey – we’re super happy to make that journey with you. Bring your tools and drop in to our studio in Reading any time for a practical demo/tutorial or talk with us online.

I couldn’t see myself working now, without having them in my van.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually one or two cordless drill battery charging packs or wired hammer drills, weeders and welders which run off standard 3-pin mains electricity in addition to a couple of devices which use classic USB ports and a couple of devices which use the USB-C ports typically used for mobile phones, iPads and laptops

No, they don’t, but they do install, maintain and repair electrical systems with a trusty Jackery Explorer 2000 plus by their side, powering equipment and providing a hot cuppa tea.