Unleash the power of green energy with the Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel.

Designed for convenience and durability, the SolarSaga 200W can be paired with Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station or the Solar Generator 2000 Plus as an additional Solar Panel. For super fast charging, 6 SolarSaga 200 panels can be used together, and are capable of fully charging a 2000 Plus Portable Power Station in only 2.5 hours. Its standout feature is the exceptional 24.3% conversion efficiency, thanks to advanced solar cells that outperform other comparable solar panels on the market.

This panel has a portable, foldable design, complete with a handy carrying bag and magnetic pads, making it ideal for off-grid adventures. The ETFE-laminated case and IP67 waterproof rating ensure it stands up to harsh conditions, wherever and whenever you are generating power your power.

The SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel is a sustainable choice for eco-friendly electricity and the perfect accessory to your Jackery Portable Power Station.

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Features Highlights
Four pictures showing the Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels in use
Exceptional Conversion Efficiency
A man sitting at a camping table on green grass beside a lake, he is using Jackery solar panels to power his laptop and drone that sit on the table infront of him.

Made with monocrystaline solar cells and a honeycomb light trapping technology, the 200W power rating of these solar panels offers exceptional conversion efficiency. Use the adjustable sands to optimise light absorption throughout the day.

Portable & Easy To Carry

Magnetic pads on the solar panel allow it to be folded tightly and popped into its convenient carrying bag for simple and easy portability.

Easy To Use
Weatherproof & Designed To Last

The IP68 Waterproof Rating means the solar panel stands up to wet weather, and the ETFE-laminated case adds another level of durability for a longer lifespan.

5 Year Full Warranty
Solar Panels on rocks with mountains behind


USB-A OutputNo
USB-C OutputNo
Peak Power200W
Power Voltage20V±5%
Power Current 10A±5%
Open Circuit Voltage24.8V±5%
Short Circuit Current11.2A±5%
Folded615 x 552 x 40 mm
Unfolded2340 x 552 x 25 mm
Warranty 5 Years
Waterproof RatingIP68
Efficiency Rate24.3%
Operating Temperature-20-65℃ (-4-149°F)

Visual Specs

Solarsaga Solar panel specs: grey rectangle solar panel with orange handles, 21.26 inch height and 91.34 inch length.

SolarSaga 200W Questions:

The Jackery 200W Solar Panels are waterproof with a IP67 Waterproof Rating allows it to withstand harsh and wet weather.

Yes, all other products support pass-through charging. But we don’t suggest using it this way very frequently as it will reduce the battery life.

1. We recommend keeping the battery power above 20% when using or storing the power station regularly.

2. A fully charged battery can last for several months. However, please recharge it every 3 months to keep the battery power above 50% if you don’t use it.

If you have any more questions, please reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

There are 3 methods to recharge your Jackery power station:

1. Charge by solar panels

For the E1000 and lower models:
Panels must output 12V-30V and have the correct connection plug (7.9mm*5.5mm*0.9mm).

2. Charge by wall outlet through the AC charger that comes with the product.

3. Charge by car outlet through the car charging cable that comes with the Jackery.

Regarding the Serial Number(S/N) location for the Jackery power station, you can locate it either on the bottom of the power station or the upper right corner on the back of the station.

Regarding the Serial Number(S/N) location for the Jackery solar panel, you can locate it either below the handle bar code or at the opposite side of the USB port.

If you have any more questions, please reach out to us, we’ll be more than happy to help.

The solar charging cable for the Jackery solar panel is 3 meters long.


1. Solar Recharging time varies from location to location, depending on temperature, weather etc. Therefore, charging times may vary.

2. Keep your portable power station away from direct sunlight and high heat while solar recharging, to optimise its life span.

3. When storing your solar panels, avoid contact with corrosive substances and keep away from fire and heat sources. Avoid storing with sharp objects at the same time.

Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel

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