Surprising Ways Shipping Companies Are Inspiring Us To Live Greener

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Shipping companies are experimenting with ways to capture and store their carbon emissions onboard. Not only is this system a great promise on its own for reduction of CO₂ emissions for the benefit of the environment, but the mindset behind it is inspirational.

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Last week we talked about the future of electric vehicles in urban areas. Will you be using an e-bike, e-scooter or e-car? This week I want to talk about a container ship that has been testing a system to capture its own CO₂, and the inspiration innovations like this create.

Carbon Capture Systems

Shipping companies have been and are continuing to experiment with “onboard carbon capture systems”. The newest breakthrough with this is the Sounion Trader, a container ship, that completed the test of a carbon capture system while it travelled around the Persian Gulf. This is one of a few ships trying this out, and the number is growing.

The biggest problem with this innovative way to help the environment, by reducing their climate footprint, is finding the space to store the CO₂ captured. This is obviously a concern, as finding space on board the ship is hard due to cargo containers filling every available space as their primary function…

What Does Shipping’s Carbon Footprint Look Like?

CO₂ emissions from shipping accounts for 3% of the world’s total emissions. Measures are already being taken to reduce shipping’s climate footprint, such as: using cleaner fuels, lubricating hulls with bubbles, and turning back to sails. However, this is not enough to reach the pledge of net-zero emissions by 2050.

A Dutch company, Value Maritime, is also creating an innovative way to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping. They are using a “liquid amine sorbent” to capture CO₂ and then recharging it offshore. Some ships are already using it and capture up to 40% of their own CO₂ emissions.

Of course, the system is not perfect and has problems at the minute, but it shows many positives for the future. Not only is this actual system a great promise on its own for reduction of CO₂ emissions for the benefit of the environment, but the mindset behind it is inspirational. These innovative ideas along with the passion and drive to help the planet is invaluable. This attitude is what will help us all.

Inspiring Change

Not only is it commendable for individuals to have this attitude, but for large corporations too. There is a lot of blame thrown around about big business being the main cause for damage to the planet, but the most important part now is making a difference. If big business is trying to help heal the planet with us, that is amazing. They have the resources and capabilities that small communities don’t have.

This is another reason it is so important to do your part as an individual, to influence the actions of others for the better. This could be monitoring your own energy consumption and creation and living under 2 kWh per person per day. Or, by voting in elections for candidates that share this view for a greener future. Any action, however small, is better than none!

I hope everyone had a lovely week, and I will see you next week for another Amy’s Hot Topic.


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