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News Updates

How climate crisis is making days longer

New studies have found that the climate crisis isn’t just warming our planet, it’s also slowing down our days and altering the Earth’s axis of rotation.

Water from melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica is flowing into oceans and shifting the planet’s mass to the extent it is affecting how it spins, according to researchers from ETH Zürich who have detailed their findings in two studies, backed by Nasa and published in Nature Geoscience and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The studies, using advanced AI methods, explain for the first time how the climate crisis is affecting the Earth’s polar motion and the length of our days.

Source: The Independent

Will the UK’s new Labour Government prioritise the urgent climate crisis?

Following the new election results, Labour promises to make Britain a “clean energy superpower” by 2030. With plans to establish Great British Energy, a publicly owned clean energy company, aiming to create jobs and lower energy bills. They also pledge to make all UK electricity zero carbon by the decade’s end and maintain progress towards net zero by 2050.

Source: Euro News

Sol Joel Park, Earley

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