What Local Support Is There For A Greener Planet?

Reading University Campus

Meet the GSSCSC 2024 winners, and some local climate focused initiatives a little closer to home in Reading in Amy’s Hot Topic this week!

Hello everyone!

Last week we talked about the new systems on board shipping containers that are catching their own carbon emissions and storing it on board. This is a great inspiration for innovation to help the planet. This week I want to talk about local efforts at the University of Reading, where I am based.

The Global Sustainability Supply Chain Student Competition Results

Recently the global finals of the Global Sustainability Supply Chain Student Competition (GSSCSC) concluded. The team “United for Sustainability” from the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) grabbed the gold medal. Two members of this team, Yunqing Xu and Haoxiang Zhang are from the joint Accounting programme run between BIT and Henley Business School, which is a part of the University of Reading. As I am a business student from Henley Business School, I am very proud of this.

The competition lasted three months and involved many universities internationally. It is judged and evaluated by experts at the World Bank, Maersk, FIATA, UN Global Compact, and the UN International Centre for Transport Diplomacy.

The GSSCSC aims to explore innovative solutions of global supply chains. By now, you may have noticed how I love innovative ways to help the planet, I think it is inspiring to us all. So, competitions, programmes and events that support this is very important to me. And, with this particular competition involving many universities around the world, it shows the global alliance and effort to help the planet, especially among the younger generation.

Sustainability At The University Of Reading

The University of Reading is actively trying to help with sustainability in many ways. One way is the RED Sustainability Award which helps students to engage with volunteering and educating themselves about the planet, climate actions, energy consumption and many more things. The award at the end can help with career prospects, especially to motivate students towards a career within the sustainability industry. I have completed this award, and it has definitely helped educate me and help me to inspire others to help the planet that I am so passionate about.

Other ways the University of Reading is developing sustainability is by:

  • Becoming a world-leading institution for sustainability, backed by extensive research.
  • Embedding education for sustainable development into the subject curriculum. There are many courses and subjects surrounding all areas of sustainability, and they are becoming more and more popular.
  • Ensuring that Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a focus of all subjects. For example, within my business degree, a key focus is on sustainable business practices and how to be climate conscious within business.

Institutions that can help the community, and will help, are very important. The University of Reading is one example that is local to us here at Undertok, and I have experienced their passion for helping the planet. It is vital to support those places that do help so they can thrive and carry on helping to battle the climate crisis.

I hope everyone had a lovely week, and I will see you next week for another Amy’s Hot Topic.



Education-for-Sustainable-Development, University of Reading – March, 11th 2024.

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